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Lynn Harris

Hi and welcome to Manspace! 

We set this company up to provide abuse and trauma recovery to men worldwide.

My story of childhood abuse and trauma and now I'm in continual recovery as I reach out to others in my community and further, is the driving force to why I want to make a change. 

My dad wanted to change but didn't know how or where to find help. 

His constant battle in his mind, body and spirit mixed with a set of wrong beliefs caused devastation and death to my mum and ultimately himself. 

I made it my life's mission to find out why.

My recovery and work centres around everything similar I see in men, women and children today still - 39 years on. 

We are living with so many broken systems, communication and compassion problems.

Not just in relationships but in many settings in life.

As I see the same abusive behaviour in workplaces, institutions, human trafficking, discrimination and child abuse, I thought I better write about it all.

Having piloted my new courses with a few men in my community and online around the UK they tell me their eyes are now wide open!

I hope you find this transforming, challenging, eye opening but most of all - freeing!

You were made to be this brave!


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