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For Women

Our women's project

Portrait of a Woman


Join our online programs and complete them in your own time.

We advise you do them in sequential order to get the best from abuse and trauma recovery.

You may wish to add in some other services to get the best support and answers to any questions you may have.

Overcoming abuse requires many hurdles and challenges throughout each stage from child to teenager and transitioning towards womanhood - however that looks for you as an individual.

When we have been abused by others in any capacity or setting, we may act out or inward - losing our sense of connection to ourselves and others. 

Our project  'For Women' offers you an awareness of other's behaviour towards and around you, a look at your own safety, responses and choices as you  journey into understanding more of what you deserve from others, yourself and your environment. 

It is your right to move freely, with confidence and choice to a life filled with Liberty.


You will automatically be invited to connect with other women on the same path. A safe and confidential forum is included in each main program for you to connect with and perhaps inspire others as they navigate new information and transformation.

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