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I'm Lynn,

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to No Feart CIC.

This company has been set up to provide education and recovery to men, women and children who have experienced any kind of abuse or trauma in any setting in their life. Whether that be in an organisation, institution, domestic relationship, human trafficking, discrimination or child abuse. 

We actively work with victims and perpetrators of abuse online or in the community in separate safe spaces.

We aim to guide people along a path of recovery through facilitation of our programs in person in a group setting or online via educational videos with Q+A's at the end of each session.

Our community work is subject to funding.

Programs can be purchased here and done online and in your own time.

Zoom groups can be booked and arranged in advance throughout the year.

In person groups are arranged in various communities and delivered by trained facilitators with CPD accreditation. 

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My Story.

My own experience of childhood abuse, and the subsequent trauma it caused me, is the driving force behind what it is that I do. 

I reach out to the people in my community, and beyond, in a bid to assist as many as possible in living more fulfilling lives.

My father was an abused child who experienced trauma.  And while his is an extreme example of the damage we do to ourselves and others, I have made it my life's mission to find out more about the emotional and psychological contributing factors that caused him to behave in the manner that he did. 

I've needed to know what more could have been done to help him get help and choose to change in order that he could have led a more compassionate life.  I use all of the knowledge I've gained to help other men, women and teens to break free from behaviour patterns that do not serve them, understand what has happened to them in order to recover or become safe from further harm and recover from the abuse.  

Unresolved abuse may prevent us from leading fuller lives free from anger and depression and resentment, whether we are victims, perpetrators, or often both like my father was.

Today, over forty years later since our dad murdered our mother for ending their relationship, I see so many broken systems, and not only in relation to ourselves, our families, and our loved ones.  These broken systems are everywhere: institutions, homes, workplaces, community and religious settings, organisations, and more. 

The types of abuse I cover in the courses offered here extend to financial abuse, sexual coercion, human trafficking, bullying, child abuse, and much more.


Recovering from abuse isn't easy, it demands that we be courageous.

We are made to be this brave!  



Please get in touch by email if you want to chat further.

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