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Our two main programs.

Abuse Awareness.

This course comprises ten pre-recorded video sessions.  In the first half of the course, Lynn takes us through the different types of abuse that exist.  In the second half, Lynn identifies a variety of settings within which the abuse can take place. 

Each session seeks to examine three basic themes: 

1 - Why do people behave in this way? 

2 - The effects such abusive behaviour has on victims. 

3 - Healthy alternative behaviour we should expect from others and ourselves.

Quiz questions have been added at the end of each session in order to challenge your knowledge.  We ask for your reflective feedback in response to them in order to engage your thoughts further.

Abuse Recovery.

Abuse recovery consists of twelve sessions where Lynn takes you on a journey of radical self care.  

As you discover new ways of relating to yourself and others, you will learn to let go of past and present circumstances, become aware of the effects they have on us, and discover that you have choices you never knew you had.  

You will begin to see and accept many things as you grow in strength and resilience.  This can lead to a new and transformed you.

The programme seeks to help you learn about and foster three stages of recovery:

1 - discovering misplaced power

2 - breaking negative power

3 - becoming empowered

Reflective questions are added to each session to engage ideals and offer alternative responses to lifelong habits.

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