I started Coming to No Feart in October 2017.  The first thing that I noticed when I walked in to the room was the unbelievably comfortable atmosphere.  But more importantly, I felt  safe, for the first time in a long time! 


After being in an abusive relationship for 3 years that involved physical, emotional, financial and psychological abuse, my anxiety had reached an all time low and when I first walked through the door I was scared to speak or communicate with anyone. 


The Founder/Managing Director of No Feart, Lynn Smillie was there to welcome me and other women through the door with a huge smile & friendly welcome that made me feel more at ease.  I managed to gather enough courage to push past my anxiety and go along to No Feart every week and I did the Freedom Programme that helped me start to realise what was happening in my home.  I came to the realisation that my then Partner had no intention of changing his abusive behaviour and it would only get worse if I stayed in the relationship.

In No Feart you are advised that one of the most dangerous times is when you try to leave an abusive relationship.  Not long in to the course, my ex partner came through the door drunk and was abusive to me and trying to grab our then 1 year old daughter from my arms and I knew it was time to prepare to leave as it had got so bad I knew I couldn't stay. 


No Feart offer Safety & Planning to help you plan to safely leave and advise on where to get help from other services.  I can say that it was not easy leaving my home, or the relationship at first, but I can undoubtedly say I have not looked back!

As the weeks and months went on I continued to attend the courses run by No Feart and gradually my anxiety became less and I started to feel more confident again. The support from everyone at the groups made me realise I was not alone and I felt really supported.  It wasn't long before I was more like the person I was before I met my ex partner.

I now Volunteer for No Feart and have been very involved in helping to fundraise for the work No Feart does.  I am gaining skills and confidence in different areas.  I also help welcome people to the group, and I now feel confident enough to read and speak to women during group sessions - something  I was unable to do when I first came along.  Recently, at a 16 Days of Action for Domestic Violence I stood up in a room full of people and told my story! This wouldn't have been possible when I first walked through the doors!

I am now rebuilding my life with the help of staff and other women at No Feart. I am currently training for my dream job and my daughter and I recently moved in to an amazing new house to start our lives free from abuse in the future.  I am so glad I came to No Feart and the support, encouragement and help I have received has literally changed my life.  I would encourage anyone to come along to a group. You will be made to feel very welcome when you do.


No Feart is a Community Interest Company based in Glasgow that was formed to inform, educate and empower individuals about abuse. 


No Feart aims to help address the issue of domestic violence and actively raises awareness for the human rights of women and children to live a life free from the effects of violence and abuse.

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