Domestic Homicide in the UK

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

Just tonight whilst visiting family and sitting down to chat, the room falls silent as the news reports of yet another murder in the UK.

A murder of a woman and her mother as her ex partner storms into their home with a shotgun and killed them both. He fled and was caught later by police. The footage showed him entering the property. It looked pretty clear to me he was in control of his actions and knew what he was going to do. (This is my opinion)

Premeditated murder is easy for me to spot. The signs are there and if you know perpetrators they will say they didn't know what they were doing or they never meant to kill. They enter into 'The Persuader' mode to gain other's pity from their own self pity. They campaign to persuade everyone around them and their victims that they are the victims themselves. They go to great lengths to have everyone believe it. This guy did this in his interview. He tried to say he had another intent!

The problem is that the legal and court systems don't realise they're getting behind they're campaigns to justify his actions with him. Meanwhile his actions have just tore a family apart, left them without a precious mother, sister or a daughter.

I can say from personal experience of living through domestic homicide, that the 'ripple effects' go on and spread in unimaginable ways. It is 35 years next month since my mother was stabbed to death by my father, and the pain and sorrow is still affecting some family members today.

Recovery has been slow and minimal at the time, to small steps around 18 years ago to everything that our lives entail today.

My heart bleeds for this precious family, the children, and the remaining parents and siblings. I hope that you may find that recovery is everything very early on in this journey of making sense of this terrible evil and epidemic we are facing in our homes and communities right now in 2018.

We will keep fighting the good cause for you all and pray for your recovery to turn into victory for your lost loved ones!

Love and in faith



No Feart is a Community Interest Company based in Glasgow that was formed to inform, educate and empower individuals about abuse. 


No Feart aims to help address the issue of domestic violence and actively raises awareness for the human rights of women and children to live a life free from the effects of violence and abuse.

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